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Start a small business now and First Union Financial will assist with its growth!

Below is information that will assist you in becoming an Agent for First Union Financial.

For businesses and individuals that are interested in making extra money, you are at the right place. (Earn BIG $$$$$ just for recommending a small business or personal loan and collect your portion of money from First Union, once the loan is approved).


Build your own Loan Portfolio

First Union Financial is proud to introduce eAgent. eAgent Loan Programme was designed specifically to advance the interest of First Union Financial and to allow individuals, companies and customers to co-exist in an environment where all parties involved can benefit  from each other.

With the eAgent loan Programme, agents are assigned to represent the lender, First Union Financial across the island of Jamaica. Agents’ main duties are to solicit customers on behalf of the lender and submit loan applications to our main office via the internet, fax or hand delivery. Agents will receive an income that will be paid monthly from each approved loan application submitted.

As the industry leader with over 10 years experience in the Micro Lending sector with an experienced team of professionals and friendly loan officers, we have yielded to the many requests from entrepreneurs (customers) across the island for more accessible ways of getting financing for their small businesses and personal needs.

Our eAgent Loan Programme will give Agents an opportunity to earn big money as an individual or as a company. This is a way to make money whether you are working from a home office or from a tower in the middle of a city. Since we are the first to offer this type of programme in Jamaica, we have structured the most lucrative commission arrangement that will allow you to put away extra cash or invest it in other lucrative areas of your interest.

By utilizing our experience, expertise and know how, you will maximize your earnings as mentioned and also by your association with us. You can also borrow from us, as an agent to invest or for personal needs. We can guarantee that you will make extra money without any cost to you.


Benefits to Agents

  • Build your own loan portfolio
  • Free training
  • No money down
  • Big money to be earned (Commission)
  • Fast approval time
  • Little or no paperwork
  • Ongoing support and the chance to offer other services
  • No risk to you as our Agent
  • Automatically admitted to our Group Health Insurance Scheme (Some conditions apply)



Types of Loans

Over the last ten (10) years,we have been offering loan products which are similar to those offered by the traditional banks and financial institutions but some of the features that separate us from them are our flexibility, empathetic mode of lending, faster processing time, lower monthly/ forthnightly repayment, the delivery of personal loans within thirty minutes and business loans within five working days. We have taken the decision to always make the effort to accommodate the smaller businesses and the employees that are struggling to survive even though they are receiving a pay cheque.


Personal Loan– we provide financial (loans) assistance to employees that are employed to reputable private and Government entities. In this category, the ability to repay is where the emphasis is placed. Repayments are usually done through salary deductions and standing order through the bank where employees are paid on a monthly/ fortnightly/ weekly basis. See Services page for Loan Programmes.

The amount that we lend under our Employees Financial Assistance Programme is based on the employee’s net income and years of service with current employer. Contact one of our branches nearest to you for more details.

Business Loan– we cater to small businesses and we are able to assist you in developing such business. Therefore, once you operate a registered or unregistered business in Jamaica and are in need of financial assistance to build and expand your small business, you can apply and leave the rest up to First Union. The maximum that we lend under our Business Loan Programme changes from time to time, therefore you should ask your loan officer at any of our branches islandwide about an amount that will alleviate your business need. See service page for Loan Programmes.



Agent Requirements

  • Access to the internet
  • The ability to speak and write the English Language
  • Ability to physically move around


If you are not mobile, don’t worry. You can still refer business to us and get paid. Agents will be paid for each loan referred- business and personal.



Please request your Agent Compensation Sheet.

Kindly fill out the agent application and submit it to the email provided below. You will be contacted within 24hrs of receipt.

You may also contact us at telephone numbers: (876) 754-4112 / 926-2669.
Email us at:

Click here to view the agent agreement form.


Some conditions apply!