First Union Financial Company Limited was incorporated in Jamaica in 1999 as a private limited liability company that provides financial assistance to employees and entrepreneurs. To date, the company mainly operates in the micro-financing sector with two distinct portfolio streams: Micro Personal Loans and Micro Business Loans.


The purpose of strategic planning is to establish a systematic way of managing change. As financial circumstances in Jamaica change, so must First Union Financial but there is a major caveat to this. At First Union Financial, there are core values that are not subject to change. The following set of values will serve to guide words and actions of all those who have the privilege of working for this company.


Integrity and Honesty

We will always take the high road by practicing the utmost ethical standards and by honouring our commitments. We are dedicated to the practice of choosing to be forthright and honest: this is who we are.


We seek to establish mutually beneficial, caring relationships based on trust and desire for mutual success.


We consistently seek to treat others as we want to be treated.


With pride and dedication we are committed to staying together through thick and thin. We are a family that cares for each other.


As a financial institution our very existence depends on our ability to protect and guard our customers' sensitive information. There is zero tolerance for any breach of confidentiality.