Start a small business now and First Union Financial will assist you with its growth!

First Union Financial Company Limited was incorporated in Jamaica in 1999 as a private limited liability company that provides financial assistance to employees and entrepreneurs. To date, the company mainly operates in the micro-financing sector with two distinct portfolio streams:

  • Small Business Loans
  • Loans to individuals, mainly employees of stable companies which facilitate repayments through salary deductions. This programme is (First Union Financial Assistance Programme) designed for Government employees and specific employees within the private sector.

Since the inception of First Union Financial, we have achieved tremendous growth in our loan portfolio, particularly over the last few years. This has been achieved despite serious difficulties we have experienced which similar organizations operating in this sub-sector can attest to and are facing the same perils have experienced. We have also managed to establish credibility within the financial sector through our method of lending and the relationships that we have established with our customers, bankers, government, creditors, associates and competitors. First Union Financial is exempted from the money lending act and with this type of exemption, we are able to apply interest rates that are competitive, market driven and according to the risks involved.