First Union Foundation’s “Buss A Yute” Scholarship Program



First Union Foundation, through its “BUSS A YUTE” Scholarship program, will be funding up to 30 high school students across the island.


This scholarship program is designed to give youths that have the ability the opportunity to shine academically. Many promising students at the Secondary level are unable to realize their full potential due to financial constraints. As such, First Union Foundation will be providing financial assistance to children who show excellence in education at the Secondary level. This move by the First Union Foundation will have a positive impact not only on the students and parents, but also on the various communities that will benefit from such a positive initiative.


Through the “BUSS A YUTE” program, First Union Foundation is asking the public to search

for that youth in their communities or schools who is doing well academically but need that added financial push to reach their greatness. Parents are also being encouraged to get involved and submit their child’s information so that they can be considered for the program.


Through the initiative of First Union Foundation and the “BUSS A YUTE” program, we will continue, through years to come, to provide our financial support and otherwise to equip our youth with the chance to succeed academically.


Requirements for scholarship: 


  • Applicants should have an A average
  • Good attendance
  • Should be a part of one or more extracurricular activities
  • At least two recommendations from a teacher or member of community i.e pastor, Justice of the Peace etc, stating financial difficulties student is undergoing
  • Letter from parents/guardians explaining how they will benefit from the scholarship and why the assistance is vital.
  • Parents/guardians to present 2 months pay slip to show proof that the assistance is needed

To enter, send relevant information to


To enter, send all relevant details to


Once the applicants have been shortlisted, all successful candidates will be invited to visit the head office of First Union Financial to collect their cheques and or vouchers.


Information is to be submitted on or before August 25, 2017.