Under our employees Financial Assistance Programme, we have instituted two methods which are helpful to employees who are interested in taking loans for personal reasons.

Our main interest is to provide financial assistance to our customers when they need it the most.

We have trained our staff to exercise empathetic listening when processing a loan, without compromising company’s policies or invading the client’s privacy.

Through our Employees Financial Assistance Programme, Government and private sector employees are able to benefit from financing up to a maximum of three hundred and fifty thousand dollars ($350,000.00) and more. In the higher category of financing for employees, some conditions apply as this programme is based on an employee’s ability to repay. This ability usually placed on the pay-advise issued by the employer.


Requirements for unsecured salary deductable loans:

. Last two (2) months pay-slips

. Employment Identification (ID) and letter

. Tax Registration Number (TRN)

. Two (2) Passport size Photograph

.  Must be permanently employed for a minimum of one year

Guarantor/s may be required, depending on your personal circumstances and your employer.


Requirement for secured personal loans over the maximum:

Same as unsecured personal loans, along with the procedures listed below:

Any one or more of the items stated below can be used as collateral to secure loans within this programme.

. Motor vehicle or appliances (Inspection will be carried out on items used as collateral)

. Cash surrender value of a life insurance policy

. Long-term investment instruments, placed in a licensed financial institution

The above options are negotiable and can be altered to suit your needs.

Conditions apply*